Post-Hospital Discharge Care After Spine Surgery Care At Home

Healkin provides a comprehensive and thoughtful care package to support your loved one’s recovery. You can depend on Healkin to ensure that your loved one recovers fully from their spine surgery. We have a multidisciplinary approach while caring for our patients through physiotherapists, mental wellness professionals, nurses and caregivers. We provide a bundle of all these services to facilitate post-spine surgery care for our patients, which spans their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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Healkin ensures you are allotted certified and verified staff, qualified physiotherapists, and mental wellness professionals. We prioritise your well-being and leave no stone unturned in providing services and staff according to your liking and requirements.


Patients recover better in their home environment after spine surgery with a minimised risk of infections and complications. Patients feel comfortable and safe in their home environment.

Our care package typically covers wound care, pain management, assistance with mobility and daily activities, guidance on post-operative exercises, and monitoring for any signs of complications. We design the plan to ensure the patient's comprehensive and effective recovery.

Our care package covers surgical wound management, mobility assistance, pain management, medication management and mental and emotional well-being.

Yes, our at-home care plans are customisable based on the specific type of spine surgery you underwent, whether it's a laminectomy, fusion, or discectomy. Our in-house doctors and a panel of experts create a medical care plan that addresses the unique needs associated with your surgery and highlights each team member's role.