Post-Hospital Discharge Care After Bypass Surgery At Home

Healkin provides a comprehensive recovery for patients recovering from a CABG, which includes physiotherapists, mental wellness professionals, nurses and caregivers. Our team of assigned staff and professionals cover all aspects of recovery, from wound management to coping with stress. We ensure that our patients have optimal heart health and can easily return to their regular schedule. We support patients and their families with heartfelt sincerity and dedication.

Our CABG Package includes the following services:-

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Healkin believes in looking after all aspects of your recovery. We provide personalised care per your and your family’s requirements and likings. We are here to support you through your wellness journey.


Home care after CABG is preferred by many individuals as they do not have to deal with the rush of hospitals. Being in a familiar and comforting environment boosts happy hormones and the patient’s recovery, and has been proven by leading research institutions.
Our package comprises physiotherapists, mental wellness professionals, nurses and caregivers who work in tandem to help the patient recover successfully. Our caregiving and nursing staff are trained and verified. We only assign qualified and competent healthcare professionals to our patients.
Our medical care plans are 100% customised according to the patient’s medical condition, requirements and the family’s preferences. Our in-house doctors consult with a panel of experts to develop a care plan that details the role of staff and healthcare professionals in treating the patient.