Post-Hospital Discharge Care After Stroke At Home

Healkin empathises with patients recovering after a stroke. We have curated a stoke care package which bundles all our services into a one-stop solution for such patients. We have created a package that looks after a stroke patient’s holistic well-being. Furthermore, we provide the following staff and health professionals

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The senior nursing team systematically monitors all our professionals. We assess our services periodically to ensure consistency in the quality of patient care. Our nurses maintain accurate and detailed medical records to ensure that all the professionals are on the same page and can adjust their treatments according to the patient’s improving or declining conditions.


Healkin goes beyond basic stroke care to provide a holistic approach to integrate physical and emotional support systems and ensure that the patient’s condition is as optimised as possible.


At-home rehabilitation is crucial for stroke survivors as it provides a familiar environment, promoting comfort and a smoother transition to daily activities. Our services are designed to facilitate effective recovery in the comfort of your home.

Home rehabilitation is vital for stroke survivors as they heal faster in a comfortable and familiar environment. Avoiding the rush of hospitals and clinics, patients find serenity and calmness and feel empowered to make their own decisions.

Our comprehensive rehabilitation team includes skilled physiotherapists, certified nurses, mental wellness professionals, and verified caregivers. They work to address the physical, emotional, and cognitive aspects of poststroke recovery.

Yes, our stroke rehabilitation package is personalised as per the condition and requirements of the patient and their family. Our panel of experts and in-house doctors craft a medical care plan highlighting the assigned team's roles and duties.