Post-Hospital Discharge Care After Hip Replacement Surgery Care At Home

Healkin prioritises the recovery and overall well-being of our patients. Our assigned team looks after all aspects of the patient’s well-being: physical, mental and emotional. We have bundled the following services into a comprehensive Hip Replacement Care package which looks after the holistic well-being of the patient:-

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Healkin has a multidisciplinary approach while providing post-hip replacement surgery care. We combine all our services to provide a holistic package that looks after all aspects of your loved one’s recovery.


Home care is crucial after hip replacement surgery, facilitating a conducive environment where the patient can recover comfortably. This environment minimises the chances of infections and complications, and patients feel comfortable in a comfortable environment.

We have bundled our physiotherapy, mental wellness, nursing and caregiver services into a specialised care package for patients recently undergoing hip replacement surgery. They provide wound management and care, pain management, progressive rehabilitative exercise, and boost mental health.