Get Medical Equipment From Hospital Bed To BiPAP Machine For Home In Mumbai

Healkin recognises the importance of high-quality medical equipment for patients who need chronic care or are recovering at home. Healkin provides Oxygen Concentrators, Hospital Beds, Respiratory Support Devices, Aspirators, Mobility Aids, Patient Monitoring and Support, Air Mattresses, Ventilators, Patient Furniture, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), and IV Equipment.
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Hospital Beds And Mattresses

Hospital beds are essential medical equipment designed to provide comfort and support to patients during their stay in healthcare facilities. The 5-function Automatic Bed offers versatile positioning options for optimal patient comfort and care. The 3-Function Automatic Bed provides essential adjustments for patient positioning and support. The Fowler bed with side railing & foam mattress enhances safety and comfort, with adjustable features to accommodate various patient preferences. These beds ensure patients receive the utmost comfort and support for their recovery and treatment journey.

Beds available

Mattresses Available
Mobility Aids

Wheelchairs are a versatile mobility aid designed for daily use, offering stability and manoeuvrability. The Automatic Wheelchair provides effortless mobility with powered controls, ideal for users with limited upper body strength. Lightweight Wheelchairs are portable and easy to transport, perfect for on-the-go independence. Elbow and Underarm Crutches offer support and stability for users with temporary or permanent mobility challenges. Walkers provide additional balance and support, promoting independence while walking. Walking sticks offer lightweight support and balance assistance, ideal for users with mild mobility issues. Recliner Wheelchairs combine comfort and mobility, with adjustable seating positions for enhanced relaxation and support.

Mobility Aids Available

Respiratory Devices

Respiratory Devices are essential medical equipment designed to support breathing functions and improve respiratory efficiency. The BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) Machine delivers variable pressure levels during inhalation and exhalation, assisting patients with breathing difficulties, such as sleep apnoea or respiratory insufficiency. Similarly, the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Machine provides a continuous flow of air at a fixed pressure, maintaining open airways and preventing airway collapse during sleep. These sleep apnoea machines offer effective treatment for respiratory conditions, promoting better sleep quality and overall respiratory health for patients with breathing disorders.

Respiratory Devices Available


Ventilators offer critical respiratory assistance for patients with breathing difficulties in the comfort of their environment. This life-saving medical equipment provides continuous airflow to the lungs, supporting breathing function for individuals with respiratory failure or severe respiratory conditions. Supervised by trained healthcare professionals, ventilator support at home ensures personalised care tailored to the patient's needs, promoting comfort and stability during recovery. With advanced technology and round-the-clock monitoring, patients can receive intensive respiratory care while staying close to their loved ones, fostering a sense of security and well-being in their familiar surroundings.

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Suction Machine

Suction Machines, available in single and double jar configurations, are vital medical devices designed to remove excess fluids, mucus, and secretions from the airways for patients with respiratory issues. The Single Jar Suction Machine efficiently collects and contains fluids, aiding in airway clearance and maintaining respiratory function. Meanwhile, the Double Jar Suction Machine offers enhanced capacity, allowing for prolonged suctioning without interruption. These reliable machines provide essential respiratory support, helping to alleviate breathing difficulties and improve overall respiratory health. With user-friendly controls and portable designs, they enable effective airway management, promoting comfort and ease of use for patients and caregivers alike. 

Suction Machines Available

Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring, exemplified by the Cardiac Patient Monitor, is indispensable in healthcare settings for real-time assessment of vital signs and cardiac functions. This advanced device continuously tracks essential parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation levels, providing crucial insights into cardiac health and overall well-being. Equipped with alarms and alerts, the Cardiac Patient Monitor promptly notifies healthcare providers of any abnormalities, enabling swift intervention and ensuring patient safety. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive data display, this monitor enhances clinical decision-making, facilitates timely treatment adjustments, and ultimately contributes to improved patient outcomes in cardiac care.

Supportive Accessories

Supportive Accessories, including the IV Stand, Portable O2 Battery Backup, Ventilator Universal Tubing, and Ventilator Universal Tubing with Circuit, are essential components in medical care, providing convenience, reliability, and versatility. The IV Stand offers stability for intravenous fluid administration, ensuring seamless delivery of medications and fluids to patients. Meanwhile, the Portable O2 Battery Backup provides an uninterrupted oxygen supply, crucial for patients reliant on oxygen therapy, especially during power outages or travel. The Ventilator Universal Tubing and Tubing with Circuit facilitate efficient airflow management in ventilator-dependent patients, optimising respiratory support and enhancing patient comfort and safety. These accessories complement medical equipment, promoting seamless patient care delivery in diverse healthcare settings.

Supportive Accessories Available

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