Post-Hospital Discharge Care After Cancer Surgery Care At Home

Healkin wholeheartedly supports patients who need cancer care, along with their families. Cancer is a disease with more than a hundred variations and manifests uniquely in each individual. We recognise the uniqueness of each patient’s needs and provide personalised post-cancer surgery care packages. Our in-house doctors team up with a panel of experts to create a medical care plan that considers the patient’s medical condition and the family’s preferences. We provide a holistic package that looks after all aspects of the patient’s well-being: physical, mental, and emotional.

We provide the following services to ensure that you and your loved one are looked after holistically:-

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At Healkin, our commitment is not just to post-cancer surgical care but to a transformative healing experience. We believe in the power of personalised, engaging, and collaborative care that goes beyond physical recovery, ensuring a holistic approach that truly makes a difference in the lives of our patients.


Home Cancer Surgery Care makes the patient feel more at ease and comfortable. The familiar and supportive home environment is conducive to recovery and helps the patient to recuperate. Patients feel calmer at home than in the rush of hospitals. Being surrounded by loved ones also gives them hope.
Our After Cancer Surgery Care package includes competent physiotherapists, qualified mental wellness professionals, nurses and caregivers. They work as a team to assist the patient in recovering from the surgery. Our package includes surgical wound management, pain management and mental wellness support. We understand that a cancer patient’s immunity is weak. Hence, we train our caregivers and nurses to sanitise the patient’s residence periodically.
Our team works together to minimise the patient’s pain as much as possible. The assigned nurse monitors patients' pain levels and arranges medications per doctors’ orders. The physiotherapist prescribes various modalities and exercises to relieve the pain. The caregivers help the patient with their exercise regime and give medicines at the specified times.
Yes, we tailor our home care plans to the specific requirements of the type of cancer surgery your loved one has undergone. We consider the nuances of your surgery, ensuring that the care plan aligns with the recommended postsurgical protocols.
Absolutely. Emotional well-being plays a vital role during the recovery phase. Our care team provides emotional support, addressing any concerns or anxieties you may have. Our Mental Wellness Professionals offer resources, strategies and techniques to cope with the challenges posed by the illness and its treatment.