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Our caregivers in Mumbai stand as pillars of support for patients who need home help after an operation. Healkin provides post-surgery home care in the vicinities of Mumbai City. We instil devotion and attentiveness in our caregivers from the very start through rigorous training.

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Our caregivers provide patient-focused post-surgical home care. Suppose the patient has recently undergone a hip/knee replacement or spine surgery; our trained caregivers guide patients through the exercise regime their physiotherapists prescribe.

At Healkin, our patient caretakers in Mumbai provide compassionate and specialised care for patients who have just undergone knee replacement surgery. Our caregivers have years of expertise and commitment to our patient’s smooth recovery. This page gives you an idea of the scope of our caregivers’ activities. Our caregivers provide practical, patient-centric care that optimises healing.

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Our caregivers play the following role in home care after any surgery

Comprehensive Pain Management

The caregivers help manage the patient's pain by ensuring that the patient's mattress is firm, keeping sufficient pillows for elevating the lower leg, monitoring the storage and use of ice packs, and guiding the patient with gentle foot and ankle exercises. Exercise helps reduce pain, swelling, and blood clots when done regularly. They also provide support by placing a rolled-up towel under the ankle or firm pillows. They ensure the surgical site is elevated (if the patient has undergone knee/hip replacement) throughout the night.


Our caregivers give oral medicines to the patient under the watchful supervision of a relative or nurse.

Emotional Well-being Support

Our caregivers provide companionship and emotional support to our patients. For example, they might watch their favourite show together on TV. They can help the patient identify activities that are not strenuous and do not strain them unnecessarily. They ensure that the patient is engaged in some activity or the other throughout the day, helping the patient to fight feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety. Our caregivers constantly provide emotional reassurance to the patient and their family members.

Seamless Communication with the Healthcare Team

Acting as vital links between patients and the healthcare team, our caregivers maintain open communication. Regular updates and prompt reporting of concerns ensure a cohesive and tailored approach to postoperative care.

Mobilisation Support

Caregivers change the patient's position every 45 minutes to reduce stiffness. The caregiver assists the patient in their exercise regime by following the instructions prescribed in the medical care plan. Our caregivers help the patient change positions in bed. They also help the patient move from place to place. They help transfer the patient from the bed to the wheelchair and from the wheelchair to the bed. They ensure that the patient sleeps on their back while napping or sleeping.

Personalised ADL Assistance

After surgeries, the patient might have to postpone bathing till the wounds heal. Our caregivers ensure that the patient is clean by giving them sponge baths. They also help the patient maintain hygiene by helping them with hair wash and care and providing feet and perineal care. They also assist with bed pans and waste management. They assist the patient in grooming themselves and getting dressed.

Injury Prevention Measures

Patients might need assistive devices for the first couple of months after the surgery(in case of knee/hip replacement). Then, gradually progress to using a cane for a few weeks before being completely independent of assistive devices. Hence, our caregivers make certain changes before the patients arrive at their residences. The caregivers remove or reduce hazards as much as possible by ensuring the path is wide enough for the walker to pass through. Caregivers fasten loose carpets, clear clutter, and any object that can make the patient trip from the floor. They ensure that a room is prepared downstairs for the patient. If that is not possible, then our caregivers accompany them while they are using the stairs to prevent them from injury. Caregivers also assist in keeping the house pet safe from the patient to ensure that no untoward injuries happen.

Our caretaker services in Mumbai have a wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to every individual post surgery patient. We provide customised and tailored support to ensure you and your loved ones get exceptional service beyond your expectations. Trust us to be your dependable partner on the road to recovery.