Post-Hospital Discharge Care After Knee Replacement Surgery Care At Home

Healkin is committed to providing compassionate, tailormade, and fully transformative care to patients who have just recovered from knee replacement surgery. While creating this package, we have considered the patient’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. This package uses the expertise of our in-house doctors, a panel of experts, qualified physiotherapists, certified nurses and trustworthy caregivers to provide a one-stop solution for the patient recovering from surgery.

Healkin understands the needs of patients because of the vast experience of its core team. We have developed the Knee Replacement Care Package which considers the patient’s integrated well-being. We provide the following services:-

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Healkin strives to create a transformative healing experience for a patient who has just undergone knee replacement surgery. We try to make a difference in our patient’s life by using our professionals’ and staff’s knowledge and expertise.


Home care minimises the risk of complications and infections. We provide personalised recovery plans according to the unique needs of our patients.
Our post-knee replacement surgery care includes a team of physiotherapists and mental wellness professionals who look after the patients' surgical wounds, manage their pain, and look after their physical strength and emotional well-being.