ICU Care at Home in Mumbai

Healkin’s ICU care at home package encompasses medical equipment, nursing, and caregiver services tailored to the requirements of a patient who needs continuous critical care support and prefers a home-based environment.

Healkin takes pride in delivering the best ICU home care services. We prioritise wellbeing, comfort and convenience. Our nurses have been trained specifically for ICU at-home care; we provide hospital-standard medical equipment and trained and verified caregivers. Choose Healkin for the best blend of compassion, empathy and clinically standardised home ICU services.

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Benefits Of ICU At-Home Care Package

What You Get?


Nursing Services

Caregiver Services

A Tailored Medical Care Plan

Long-Term Medical Support


The equipment of a remote ICU package provides respiratory support, monitors the patient’s vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels), administers medications & IV fluids, provides supplemental oxygen, clears airways and manages secretions, and consists of beds which are adjustable and have pressure relieving mattresses. Following is a list of required equipment:-

Nursing Services

We provide nurses specially trained for ICU at-home care who monitor the patient and manage their medications, wounds, and ventilators. They are adept at critical care procedures, IV insertions, care and removal, and patient pain management. We provide the following services

Caregiver Services

Our caregivers assist with daily living activities, mainly

*We don’t provide domestic help and assistance


Patients needing ICU at-home care might have conditions like respiratory issues like COPD and asthma, cardiovascular problems such as heart failure, neurological conditions like stroke, and post-surgical recovery needs. Other factors like infectious diseases, renal concerns, metabolic issues, oncological complications, and weakened immunity also contribute to the need for at-home ICU care.

Our nurses monitor the patient 24/7. We have trained them to identify early signs of complications. They maintain accurate health records of the patient to help their healthcare team make important decisions. In cases of emergency, they inform the designated health professionals.

The ICU at-home care package includes essential medical equipment such as ventilators, cardiac monitors, infusion pumps, specialised beds and other equipment that aid respiratory functioning. Our nurses perform routine maintenance, calibration, and troubleshooting to ensure the equipment is safe and working well.

The severity of these medical conditions varies from individual to individual. Only a healthcare professional can assess the needs of an individual opting for critical care at home. Our in-house doctors and panel of experts do a comprehensive clinical assessment to identify the patients’ and their families’ requirements. Our in-house doctors and panel of experts formulate a medical care plan for the patient, and the required staff and professionals are assigned.