Refund Policy

Healkin will offer refunds purely based on facts concerning an individual case. There will be no refunds for registration cancellations unless sufficient evidence is provided for – mistaken denominations, factual errors, inaccurate payment deductions, duplicate payments or any other instance where the management agrees to a refund.

Refunds, if any, will be made to the same card or account using which the payment was initially made, and it will be processed only after verification of the account holder’s credentials. No cash or cheque refunds will be made under any circumstances.

  • Customers are restricted from submitting identical service orders more than once.
  • Healkin shall not be responsible in case communication is not received by the customer due to incomplete contact details given by the individual.
  • Customers requesting serial or repeated refunds may be blocked from accessing the services provided on the website.
  • For claiming a refund, the payee should provide a valid invoice of the investigations & ID documents of the customer seeking a refund to get the refund.
  • No interest will be paid on refunds.

All refunds will be made within a time frame of 21 to 45 working days. Any query with the respective agreed refund can be addressed to by citing the receipt number against which the refund is requested.

We retain the authority to alter the policy without giving advance notice, publicising, or providing prior information.