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 Empowering Women: The Vital Role of Cervical Health in Well-being

Empowering Women: The Vital Role of Cervical Health in Well-being

Cervical Health Awareness Month Part #1

WHO (World Health Organisation) has deemed the month of January 2024 as Cervical Health Awareness Month because cervical health plays a vital role in the physical and mental well-being of women. As we are at the forefront of home healthcare services in Mumbai, we are committed to informing our clients of the latest developments in the healthcare world. We will be discussing cervical health all through this month. We will be touching on how the cervix plays a central role in the physical and mental well-being of women across the country in this blog.

According to the current estimates of the Information Centre on HPV and Cancer in the year 2023 indicate that every year 77348 died from cervical cancer and 123907 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer. (C Information Centre on HPV and Cancer, 2023)

Cervical Health Is The Cornerstone Of A Woman’s Well-Being

The cervix is a small organ in a woman’s reproductive system which plays a key role in the wellness of a woman anatomically. The cervix is a small canal that joins the vagina and the uterus and is also called its neck. It expands to the size of a baby’s head when a woman is giving birth. 

Functions of a cervix

A cervix plays 5 important roles in the health and anatomy of a woman. It is deeply connected to menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth and protects the uterus.

  • Menstruation
    The menstrual blood of a woman exits the uterus via the cervix. 
  • Pregnancy
    The sperm needs to travel from the vagina to the uterus via the cervix for pregnancy to occur. It also creates a mucus plug when the woman is pregnant to prevent entry into the uterus. Thus protecting the foetus.  
  • Fertility
    The mucus of the cervix makes it easier for the sperm to travel to the uterus and meet the egg. It determines the fertility of a woman.   
  • Vaginal Delivery
    The cervix dissolves the mucous plug when it is time for the baby to be born. It expands in size to allow the baby to slide out of the vagina while being born.
  • Protects the Uterus
    It prevents menstrual cups and other diaphragms from entering the uterus, accidentally. 


Cervical Cancer: The Silent Threat

It’s a huge misfortune that many women suffer from cervical cancer. As a keeper of our client’s well-being, we feel we must raise awareness about this type of cancer and empower women with the right knowledge to prevent this silent threat.  We will be speaking about the causes and symptoms of cervical cancer in the next post. 

Empowerment through Holistic Cervical Health Care

Women need to be empowered with the right knowledge, whether from a rural or urban neighbourhood. The cervix is equally important to both. Let us navigate and shed light on cervical health by creating a channel of open communication amongst women and healthcare professionals to make them active participants in their own well-being.  

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